Google Docs Finally Adding Microsoft Office Support

Do you use productivity software like Google Docs for your business? If yes, you must know how productivity software can help you plan tasks, reduce business costs, and save time for your daily operations.

Two of the leading productivity software companies are Microsoft and Google. Both come with their own exclusive features and make your business processes efficient. But, not all features of these apps are inter-compatible. However, things are changing for good, with Google planning to add Microsoft office support to its business software.

Let’s understand more about this planned addition.

The Past Performance of Google’s Business Software

Generally, we can view an office file through Google Drive, but can we edit the files? These files need to be in a Google-friendly format like Spreadsheets, Slides, or document formats for editing. Users can edit or comment on the file after conversion. But, this is a time-consuming process. Also, the office compatibility mode gives you limited options to make changes to the files. Hence, these can affect your file usage efficiency and convenience and make you invest additional time and resources. That’s why an official Microsoft Office support can give us an easy way to edit Microsoft-exclusive files quickly.

As per Google, its programs will be compatible with:

Word File Format: .docx, .dot, .doc

PowerPoint Format: .pptx, .ppt,  .pot,  .pps

Excel Format: .xlsx, .xls, .xlt, .xlsm

Google Update Collaborative Features

In addition, Google also plans to implement features compatible with Dropbox Business.

How Does this Support Feature Affect Your Business?

This new development can improve the collaboration functionalities of your business. Organizations can take advantage of the compatibility to better streamline their work processes. Also, this add-on can boost the standard solutions already available with the organizations. Google has led the way forward, and it is Microsoft’s turn to adopt crucial Google compatible features. 

What do you think about the new development with Google Docs? Feel free to drop your inputs!

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