MyTek’s Tip of the Week: Organization Inside Windows 10

Your PC has hundreds of files, folders, and applications. But are they organized well? Are they easily available when you need them? If not, your Windows 10 PC is cluttered, and you end up wasting a lot of time searching for crucial documents.

But, don’t worry! IT services provider MyTek will guide you in organizing your PC files better so that you have minimum confusion. You can either use a cloud-based file storage system or your operating system file explorer to spot the correct document.

There are three methods to organize your files. You can segregate them based on date, file type, or client base. Let’s understand the benefits of file organization based on the file type.

What is a File-Based Setup?

In a file-based setup, you can group all files in folders of a specific file type. For example, if you want to organize your e-books, you can create a separate folder, “ebooks.” In this way, you place all the relevant files under one folder. It can be taxing to sort through all the files and put them in one location. But, with practice, you can make this process easier.

If you are working for an organization, there could be a shared network usage mechanism. Here, there is specific file storage nomenclature to be complied with. Hence, before organizing your files, make sure that you are accustomed to the company protocol.

Tip 1: Hold on to a Filing System

Ensure that you decide upon a filing system for your business. File documents from the very beginning to avoid overflow of the download folder. Also, by filing at the right time, you learn to place the correct files at the appropriate location quickly.

Tip 2: Do not Use the Download & Desktop Folders

Do not make the mistake of downloading your files on desktop or download folders. These areas can fill up quickly, leading to storage issues in your computer. Also, your desktop looks overcrowded, making it difficult for you to access important files. This process also saves you from putting extra effort in the future.

Tip 3: Periodically Organize Your Files

Ensure that you regularly sort your files by creating a schedule. According to  MyTek, companies need to sort files once a week or once in ten days. If you push this, the file organization can get challenging.

Tip 4: Use Naming Conventions

While organizing files, make sure that you use recognizable naming conventions. Give unique names to your folder so that there is no repetition. Also, conventions make it easy for you to remember the file locations.

To manage your files in Windows 10 with ease, you can rely on MyTek. To explore our service offerings, give us a ring at 623-312-2440.

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