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Security Alert: Over a Million Asus Laptops Hacked!

Do you own an Asus laptop? If yes, there are chances your system could be at risk. Recent reports suggest that the latest Asus laptops update was hacked and is infected with malware.

Kaspersky, a leading Cyber Security firm, says that the affected computers stood in the range of thousands until Monday. But, Tuesday saw an increase, with this number reaching millions.

If you want to know the security status of your system, feel free to reach out to MyTek, a reliable Phoenix IT Security firm. We’ll perform a thorough security check and decode your computer’s risk status.

The Reason Behind The Asus Laptop Hack

Widely known as Supply chain compromise, this type of hacking is a serious security threat. Interestingly, this hacking took place last year but came into notice recently. Here, hackers break into the software update aspect of Asus systems. In doing so, they gain access to crucial personal information on the consumer’s device.

How to Prevent the Hacking?

You can put specific measures in place to prevent security risks on your system. Let’s understand these measures in detail.

  1. Ensure that you have robust antivirus software installed on your system. Make sure that it is updated and is a licensed version. Most of this antivirus software has an affordable yearly plan.
  2. Post the recent hacking incident, Asus has upgraded its internal systems to prevent any future attacks. Also, Asus has released the latest version of its Live Update Software. If you own an Asus device, you may want to install the Live Update 3.6.9 version.
  3. Constant monitoring of your system can prevent any potential attacks. Hence, Asus has come out with a diagnostic tool to ensure the good health of your devices. You may consider downloading the tool to protect your systems.

If your Asus laptops were hacked or you are looking for additional measures to protect your devices, feel free to reach out to MyTek, a Phoenix IT Security services provider.

We are available for a quick call at 623-312-2440.

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