Cloud Migration Challenges You May Run Into

For modern businesses, the cloud is a well-established option to embrace. Many businesses have dived right into the cloud because of the many benefits that come with it. But, these transitions to a cloud-based system aren’t always perfectly seamless, so we’re going to go over some issues that businesses encounter when performing cloud migration. today, let’s learn how to safely switch to the cloud.

No Strategy Going In

This is one issue that many have when adopting cloud-based models, just because they can. There are a ton of awesome benefits that come from the cloud, but they can only be benefits if they are utilized correctly.

Any business looking to migrate to the cloud should first know the reason they are doing so, and figure out how your processes could be improved in doing so. You should know what benefits you’re looking to use before you move everything.

Up In the Air Costs

While the cloud can lead to increased cost and major savings through cutting administrative costs, streamlining processes, adopting various productivity benefits and more, switching to the cloud can feel like an expense in itself.

With the right preparation and consideration, there are many benefits from the cloud. But with these first important steps, runaway costs can derail your business and cost a pretty penny. Some of these costs may be training users on the new service, migration cost and monetary risks.

Security and Compliance Issues

While many cloud platforms are relatively secure, it can be a big decision to hand your data over to an external provider. When it comes to the risk, many would rather not have to deal with the backlash that comes along with breaches.

Human Error

When you’re implementing a brand new type of technology into your business, your employees will have to take it on and learn how to use it. Your team will lack the familiarity and this may cause resistance or hesitation. They could even use this new system in incorrect ways and open your business up to risks.

Working With Us Allows You to Bypass These Challenges

MyTek is here to help you if you are considering migrating to the cloud. We understand how cloud services work and want to help you create the best work atmosphere for your company. Give us a call today to learn more about how to safely switch to the cloud at 623-312-2440.

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