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Tip of the Week: 11 Ways to Instill Security Awareness in Your Team

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no end-all be-all magic tool that can do everything related to your cybersecurity all at once. But, there is one thing that can prevent threats and make it so they are way less likely to enter into your systems, which is building your internal security company awareness within your team members and employees. We’re going to go over the best ways to prevent cyberattacks, by getting your team members involved.


For your team to be involved in upholding your cybersecurity, they will need to be taught in a training session. One way that will encourage them and make them learn more is by making the training and lessons they need to learn fun.

By using incentives, you can run simulated attacks that will motivate your employees to always be on the lookout, so they can identify and report attacks before they do any real damage. This method helps build these positive behaviors so they can be implemented in day to day work life. This also provides a realistic experience, so they aren’t at a loss for what to do.

Incorporate Security Awareness into Onboarding Strategies

Within the training you already have set up for new-hires, always make sure that cybersecurity is mentioned. If it is part of their first impression about your company, it will always be more memorable. These good security practices will become habits if they are implemented early enough.

Make It Understood that Mistakes are Expected

Your employees shouldn’t be terrified that they will mess up and let a cyberattack in. You should always make it clear that you understand that they won’t always be perfect, but all they can do is be vigilant and help in any way they can be. Once they know this, they may be more comfortable and find it easier to learn about the threats they may be dealing with.

If they think that they will be punished for their accidents and mistakes, it may cause them to hide issues that you should otherwise know about. These issues need to be resolved in a timely manner, so make sure your team understands the expectations and that they won’t be punished.

Shape Training to Your Team’s Situation, Work Roles, and Age Groups

Sometimes a single method of training for an entire group won’t work in the way you think it might. Most team members come from different backgrounds, are in different age groups, and learn in different ways. This is something you will want to take into consideration when you are brainstorming the perfect way to teach your team.

Not everyone will respond in the same ways to specific training, so it is very important to take this into account and figure out the best possible ways for everyone. Diversify your strategies and involve different methods for different learning styles.

Keep it Short, Sweet, and Frequent

Giant training sessions are sure to bore your team members, and even make the topic seem like something they don’t ever want to deal with. Instead of going for a marathon, go for a sprint and teach your team in little bursts that keep their attention. This will make your training a lot more consistent and easier to follow along than a long mind numbing training session.

Use Different Mediums

Using the same medium, like a slideshow the entire time, can also be very boring. By switching up the format, like by making some parts hands on, it will pique interest and make cybersecurity something they will remember, instead of being something they forget all about.

Encourage Them to Share Lessons with Their Families

Beyond the workplace, you should also teach your employees best practices within their actual lives. Knowing that this is something that is important in their personal life, and for their families, will make it easier to remember and have a bigger importance for them. This can also help build habits that will help your business and their personal cybersecurity.

Select Company Security Leaders

While you may not be able to have a full security team, you can select a few of your team members to take on security leader roles. This will make sure that there is always someone on the team that is paying attention so that no attacks get in while everyone else is busy working on a project.

Keep Your Material Fresh

Instead of having your team member memorize everything you think they should know about cybersecurity, we all need to understand that it is constantly updating and changing. This means that our training methods should change with it, so we are never teaching anything that is outdated. The best ways to prevent cyberattacks change often, so change with them.

Collect Feedback

If you aren’t exactly sure how to make your training sessions more effective for your specific team, because maybe you don’t know their preferred learning methods, communication is key. Always ask for feedback so you give the most effective methods of learning to your team. You can also learn about what they already know, and what they want to learn more about with feedback, so you’re not teaching the same lessons they’ve already learned before.

Emphasize Why Training is Necessary

While training days can be dreaded, explaining the real reasons why they need to learn certain things is really important. Teach them the why with the how, so that they understand exactly how important cybersecurity can be, especially in the long run of your business.

MyTek is here to help and can help your team learn about cybersecurity and the best ways to prevent cyberattacks. Reach out today to learn more at 623-312-2440.

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