5 Solid IoT Trends for 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most popular IT trends set to revolutionize businesses in the near future.

IoT is an advanced technology in which intelligent devices in a network interact with one another. This process brings in more efficiency and enhances business output.

However, IoT is also seen as a security risk for organizations. For instance, millions of devices connected can be interrupted at any time to hack into crucial organizational data.

Through this article, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the top five IoT trends and what this means for your business.

Trend 1: The Number of Devices in the Network Is Projected to Grow

At present, there exist between 8-25 billion IoT devices on the internet ecosystem. This number can go up to 75 billion by 2025. These rapid increases in IoT devices call for enhanced security measures at your organization.

Trend 2: Inter-Connected Devices Can Pose a Security Risk

When millions of interconnected IoT devices communicate within a network, unwanted interception can occur. These interruptions can lead to information theft. For example, when appliances, connected wearables, and multimedia devices of an organization are interrupted, hackers can get hold of your employees’ personal information. Similarly, IoT devices in the forms of security cameras, factory equipment, automated utility devices, etc., can also be broken into, compromising the entire workflow. 

Trend 3: The Responsiveness of IoT Can Go Up

With the advent of 5G technology, we can see an increase in the speed and efficiency of telecom devices. Hence, the performance of IoT devices can go up. They may communicate faster in a short period. As mentioned above, while this is good for enhanced task completion, it can also pose security risks.

Trend 4: IoT Is the Future of the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is one area that can see a massive application of IoT technologies. There’s a high demand for big data. With advanced IoT technologies, one can look forward to realizing automatic, driverless cars in the future.

Trend 5: IoT Can Help in Edge Computing

The IT aspect of an organization is a good area of application of IoT devices. Since most of these devices work in conjunction with cloud-computing technologies, you can have lower downtime and adequate infrastructure in place.

But, areas like shipping and logistics don’t work well with cloud computing. Hence, IoT can pitch in for these edge computing services, thereby enhancing your organizational logistics aspects.

IoT technologies are here to stay for a long time. If you want to take full advantage of these advanced technologies, you need to be adaptable. 

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