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Down and Out in Cyberspace – the Portrayal of Hacking vs Reality

Movies play a significant role in shaping a society’s worldview. They can send out both positive or negative messages, thereby complicating the social order.

However, lawmakers and sociologists are particularly concerned about the depiction of crimes in today’s television. One example of criminal portrayal is showing the act of hacking.

In this article, we’ll explore and understand why hacking is often misunderstood and portrayed incorrectly on screen. So let’s dive into hacking vs reality and what that really means.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is the process of understanding security lapses in a computer system and eventually breaking into the system to access personal data. Personal data includes bank details, credit card information, passwords, and more.

Hacking: Onscreen vs. Offscreen

While hacking leads to business losses to the tune of millions of dollars, it is often misrepresented over digital platforms.

Let’s understand in detail.

  1. In reality, hacking is not as easy as represented on television. It requires tedious efforts and can get boring over time.
  2. Hacking is not all about instant typing and code display, as shown in movies. It is a result of intense research that can go on for weeks.
  3. Hacking requires specialized software with advanced capabilities. Films usually show only the positive part of hacking. The software has to go through several iterations before breaching a firewall and entering the IT system.
  4. Films portray hackers as complicated individuals sitting in China or Russia. But, in reality, they could be your neighbor next door just trying to take advantage of your system flaws. The real challenge lies in educating people on how to protect their IT systems to prevent hacking.

So now you have a decent idea of the differences between actual hacking vs reality, are you looking to protect your IT system from incidents of hacking? If so, Phoenix IT security firm MyTek can help you.

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