Will True Wireless Charging Change Small Business Technology?

Wireless charging is a challenging technology. While the benefits are clear as day (imagine, only having the one cord to supply power to the charger itself!), the concept has yet to see the mass implementation and adoption one would expect it to. While Arizona small business owners are harnessing the power of solar energy to power their small business technology, true wireless charging could be a tremendous help to boost Arizona small business technology productivity.  Today, we’ll look at this underperforming technology’s history, a few applications that could be seen in the future, and the holdups it is seeing currently.

The Charged-Up History of Electricity and the Tangle of Arizona Small Business Extension Cords
As one might imagine, wires and extension cords have been getting in people’s way since electricity was a widely adopted thing. This has been a conundrum for Arizona small business owners as they balance business growth with business technology resource budgets. 

This was a historical conundrum that Nikola Tesla, the underappreciated inventor and engineer, spent a considerable amount of his life trying to solve. Eventually, he devised a device that would leverage magnetic fields to transfer electricity, a device we know today as the Tesla coil. Unfortunately, some guerilla marketing from his electric rival, Thomas Alva Edison, turned the public opinion away from Tesla’s approach and towards Edison’s. Basically, Edison took a murderous circus elephant named Topsy that was to be put down and volunteered to do it with Tesla’s electricity. However, not even the film Edison produced of Topsy being exposed to alternating current (a key facet to Tesla’s European-inspired approach) was quite enough to prevent AC from becoming the standard.

Enter the Smartphone to Help Untangle Small Business Technology Needs
Arizona small businesses were given a gift with the entrance of the smartphone.  The smartphone increased the mobility of the small business connectivity, allowing employers and employees to stay in contact no matter the location.  However, even this introduction of wireless charging couldn’t change one fact: there was always going to need to be a wire. Even the most recent wireless chargers need to be plugged in before they will work, and really, what’s the real difference between plugging in a device, and setting it down just so?  True mobility for Arizona small businesses must include true wireless charging to all small business technology.

True Wireless Technology is Just One Example of How Technology Can Help Arizona Small Businesses.
When true wireless technology is effective and is rolled out beyond the boundaries of smart phones to laptops and even vehicles, Arizona small businesses will truly benefefit.  But right now, smart business technology is a thing of the future.  In the meantime, there are lots of new, innovative ways for Arizona small business owners to harness the power of technology to decrease downtime and increase productivity.

For example, how safe is your small business data?  And how are your employees collaborating in real time to work more productively?  Another important question is your data back up plan, and even the length of time it would take to bring your entire system back online should it crash.

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