4 Strategies for Improving Your Backups

In what way does your business backup data? Your data solution will vary depending on the way your business functions and what your specific needs are. No matter what your needs are, your business always needs to implement some form of a data backup system and constantly work on improving your backups. This will protect your business from any data loss scenario that can occur and prevent data loss or corruption from happening.

Here are four topics that you will want to keep in mind while you are looking for, designing, and improving your backups.

Know What Data You’re Backing Up

When it comes to backing up data, you’ll first need to figure out how much of the data you are able to. Obviously, we’ll want to back up as much as possible, but you will have to think about the legal obligations and regulations that go into the backing up of data. If you ignore these regulations, you may later be faced with fines or other related expenses.

Ensure Adequate Security Practices

Next, you’ll want to look at your backup options and make sure that your security practices are the most logical and ideal choices. This includes taking location into account. If you backup all of your data in-house with the rest of it, it can easily be infiltrated and won’t work as an adequate backup. While you may want an on-site backup for other reasons, it should never be your only backup because it will be easily targeted by the same threats your original data was taken over by.

Know Where Backups Are Stored

You’ll obviously need to keep track of where your data and what data is being stored. Just like we talked about, having only an on-site data backup is dangerous, so you’ll need to know where else you’re storing it. We recommend the 1-2-3 data backup rule. This means that you have three copies of your data, one on-site, another off-site and the third should be on the cloud or on an off-site data center. You should always have multiple copies so that your data is never really gone.

Test the Reliability of Your Systems

If your data is backed up on a system that dies, then your data isn’t backed up anymore. The last thing you want is to go get your data backup and it’s not there because your system was unreliable. You should check your systems regularly to make sure they are staying dependable. 

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