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Successful Strategies for Custom Software Development

Successful Strategies for Custom Software Development Mytek White Paper

Custom Software Development can be akin to building a luxury home for a very particular client. The needs and the client are very specific as are the guests that will use the home. In addition, it must sit within a very particular landscape [market]. That’s the metaphor that runs through our latest MyTek whitepaper titled “Strategies for Successful Custom Software Development.” The whitepaper provides an in-depth view of our custom software development services.

Building a Strong Client/Developer Relationship

MyTek’s custom software development services are based on:
  • Broad input from all end users.
  • Detailed observation of existing manual processes.

For creation of effective and successful SDLC, we partner with the stakeholders and end users to create the most useful, usable, and on-target software possible. That starts with a comprehensive two-way communication process to develop a solid idea of future needs as well as a list of current and undiscovered pain points.

Our client and developer/architect relationship builds a solid foundation upon thorough analysis of current manual processes before a single line of code is created. With the development of a comprehensive needs list, we can erect a framework through current process gap analysis to strengthen the development of a comprehensive set of plans for building up and out.

Comprehensive Plans for Architecting the Best Software Solution

The customized MyTek Agile methodology breaks the development process down into self-contained development increments known as Sprints. This is akin to the architect designing each individual room to the specifications of the client. Review of each room, or Sprint in the case of SDLC, provides all of the functionality and design parameters of a self-contained working model. This enables stakeholders to view, review, and “live in” the working section of the software, so to speak, before moving to the next room/Sprint.Like an architect works with the client to create a comprehensive plan that is taken from the needs and desires of the client, MyTek utilizes differing tools such as:

  • The creation of user stories which are one sentence definitions of a feature or functionality as the basis for each Sprint.
  • Detailed documentation and charting.
  • Pre- and post-Sprint meetings to keep all parties informed, gain incremental approvals, and improve the process to its best conclusion.

Your Custom Builder of Choice: Why MyTek Agile

The MyTek Custom Software Development Services are based on years of development and refinement of the process, tools, and skill sets utilized over many successful SDLC projects. From development practices such as continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), and instrumented solutions to robust testing environments, we can measure the actual benefits of change to your software-based solutions.

How MyTek Benefits Your Enterprise

  • Our experienced and skilled team partners with your organization to bring consistency of performance and environment for rock-solid continuity from Sprint to Sprint and project to project in order to deliver the best results.
  • Working with MyTek from project to project means that we become a learning team partner that can simplify each new development effort so that it is streamlined to your business’ culture and market. Simultaneously, this ensures that each project brings unique benefits and innovations to you and the users for a stronger bottom line.


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