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How Managed IT Services Can Mitigate IT Infrastructure Downtime Risks

How Managed IT Services Can Mitigate IT Infrastructure Downtime Risks Sm Mytek White Paper

Understanding the connection between Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Managed IT Services is very often the key to mitigating IT system downtime for businesses. The latest whitepaper from MyTek titled “How Managed Services Can Mitigate IT Infrastructure Downtime Risks” brings the connection between those elements into clear view for organizations.

More About This Whitepaper

The Whitepaper takes businesses from discussions about the primary causes of downtime through the lens of disaster recovery and business continuity (BC/DR) to its connection to IT infrastructure, business processes and the basic premise of managed IT services. The connection of managed IT services to downtime elimination becomes clear when discussed in the context of:
  • Network or connectivity outages
  • Server crashes due to security intrusions or other means
  • Protocols for lost or corrupted data

The statics of the costs of downtime in the U.S. for businesses are the foundation of the Whitepaper and include:

$26 Billion in revenue is lost annually due to downtime in North America $163,674 as the average cost of downtime per hour with the average for SMBs pegged at roughly $8,581 per hour.
The fact that statistically, of the 90 percent of organizations that have unexpectedly lost access to critical systems, nearly a third of them deal with downtime issues every month.

These and other statistics when connected to the specifics of what constitutes managed IT services shows how all organizations can benefit from them in terms of increased uptime that shows a clear ROI. All of these aspects hinge on having managed IT services support.

The whitepaper is targeted to both SMBs and enterprises as both can realize profound benefits from managed IT services. Businesses can clearly see how having a services provider that is an ongoing partner plays a major part in lowering the risk of downtime.


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