Who’s Driving Your IT Strategy?

Who’s Driving Your IT Strategy

Delivering on the promise of IT strategy is an elusive goal for most organizations. The primary challenge stems from the fact that the drivers of IT strategy are highly segmented throughout the enterprise. It then becomes nearly impossible to keep everyone accountable and moving towards a unified goal. In the latest whitepaper from MyTek titled “Who’s Driving Your IT Strategy,” the goal is to show how everyone in the organization has a role to play in driving the strategy.

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In this viewpoint, it is not a lack of proper planning that leads to IT strategy failure, but the fact that there is no connective communication and process fulfillment support that operates across the entire enterprise. Without it, timetables and budgets cannot be met, changes cannot be accommodated, and ultimately, greater operational efficiencies, business growth and stability cannot be realized.

By partnering with a skilled IT management and services consultancy, organizations have the connecting mesh that provides accountability for actions in strategy fulfillment. By dent of the nature of the services that they can provide, organization can better leverage the fact that everyone has a role to play in driving the IT strategy.

Readers will learn how the IT service management functionality of the consulting firm puts them in constant contact with all facets of the organization (and each step in IT strategy fulfillment). The result is an ongoing check and balance on accountability to achieve greater operational efficiencies, business growth and stability.

In short, an outsourced IT management and services firm can support:

  • Translation of objectives into operational goals
  • Discussions of operational goals with key people
  • Dissemination of operational goals

The MyTek whitepaper shows how the proactive rather than reactive approach of a full-service IT management firm can eliminate the pain points and enhance the strengths respectively to reduce costs and time expenditures. This proactive approach:

  • Reduces downtime of systems and processes through preventive maintenance and monitoring
  • Provides proactive desktop and server support 24/7/365 via remote monitoring of PCs, servers, and networks
  • Increases productivity by showing where cost effective technology investments can reduce process time and increase efficiency with clear ROI
  • Ensures rapid onsite availability for any emergencies along with routine maintenance

As adjuncts to the internal IT department they can support various aspects of the IT strategy in terms of project fulfillment. Most importantly, they can fulfill ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and help desk functions of the organization and its IT infrastructure to maintain uptime. Organizations can read this whitepaper to learn how and why the outsourced IT management and services firm is the key to successful IT strategy design and fulfillment.

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