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How to Leverage Automated Services

A well strategized and executed use of automation helps us to protect your business effectively.

Business technology is constantly changing. So having employees that change just as fast is the solution right? Unfortunately humans often cannot keep up the evolving technological environment and thus creates an inherent risk in business IT.

Automating your IT service delivery allows your business to move to the next level. By streamlining the services that your customers rely on you remove precious downtime from the equation. This also allows for the securing of your data and protecting your infrastructure. Automating routine and simple tasks allows us to provide a comprehensive IT management service for a very affordable rate.

What Can be Automated?

By removing the human element the time-consuming and repetitive tasks that could have issues are replaced with a zero error rate. The first step for anyone in search of leveraging automation, and for the right managed services provider, is to determining what tasks can be automated and assess what kind of management your organization needs. So we can customize our powerful solutions to protect your business and save you money.

Some of the most common automated tasks from an MSP include:

Patch management 

Patch management is the process that acquires, tests, and installs multiple code changes on existing applications and software tools, allowing systems to stay updated and determine which patches are the appropriate ones to install.

Backup management

Backup Management is allows us to schedule, manage, and operate data backup processes. Allowing us to extract backup data copies from a source computer or IT environment to a remote storage facility, in the case that any data needs to be restored.

Mobile device management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a type of security software we use to monitor, manage, and secure your employees' mobile devices across multiple mobile service providers and multiple operating systems that are used in your organization.

New hire management

By automating new employee on-boarding you can ensure that the process is consistent for everyone joining the team. Naturally The faster the on-boarding process is over the sooner the new employee can start being productive.

We accomplish this with our enterprise-level Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM). With tons of customizable automation options that allows you to offer more services. It is relatively simple but you have to know what systems you want control of and the maintenance that's required to keep those systems working efficiently. With managed RMM tools by knowledgeable technicians, you will see a logarithmic increase in IT availability, which immediately decreases the precious downtime your company accrues.

MyTek is the solution your business needs to eliminate downtime. If you would like more information about automation, remote monitoring, or any of our other managed IT services, contact us us today at 623-312-2440.

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