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Your typical point-of-service security solutions are usually challenging to implement, update and manage. As a result, it can cause an increase in overhead cost and create complex operations. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. MyTek offers an all-in-one solution to network security management known as Unified Threat Management or UTM.

A UTM package includes everything from a basic IT security standpoint, but in one single device. This provides your business with network security management all from a centralized location. Businesses appreciate this solution because it saves time and increases efficiency.

Boost Productivity

Implement content control and increase your organization’s productivity.

It’s no doubt you staff members all have their own values, opinions, and levels of efficiency. Therefore, it is important to restrict user access to particular elements that could potentially cost the business. These websites can include:

  • Streaming videos like YouTube
  • Searching for jobs
  • Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Adult-oriented websites
  • Microblogging websites
  • Any other sites that may decrease efficiency in the workplace

Using MyTek's UTM appliance, you take complete control over which content certain employees can access. Studies show the average employee can waste up to two hours of company time per day on personal internet use alone. Take action today and increase efficient use of your employees’ time in the office.

Eliminate Security Threats

Prevent intrusion and stay protected from hackers.

One of the primary reasons why security breaches happen is because of out-of-date software. Security companies prioritize up-to-date software and prevent hackers from breaking in but if you don’t, you risk your entire IT infrastructure from being breached. With a UTM solution from MyTek, you’ll never have to question your network security again.

Interested in more information about our network security management solutions? Call us today at 623-312-2440.


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