Cisco-Certified Solutions

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Cisco Certified Solutions from MyTek

Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT and has been helping businesses with their technological needs since 1984. MyTek has had the honor of being a Cisco Certified Solutions partner and bring their noteworthy network and security technologies and solutions to our clients.

Your business deserves to reach its highest potential, and it can do so when it is backed by strong security solutions. With a partnership between Cisco and MyTek, we can help you simplify your network, collaborate better in your workplace and secure your data.

Cisco’s Enterprise-Level Network Solutions

Network maintenance is crucial to keep your business afloat, because without a solid network, your business will have major issues. MyTek is certified to help your business with the best and latest networking solutions. These solutions can help increase your user accessibility and application management.

Cisco’s Unified Access solution can help your team stay updated whether they are in the office or working in the field. With this solution from MyTek, your enterprise applications can be fully integrated into your network to streamlining application management and productivity.

Cisco’s Powerful Security Solutions

Hopefully, your company is concerned with its security and MyTek can help you implement a comprehensive Cisco security solution. A healthy and secure IT infrastructure can be managed with a security system and is very important to the health of your business.

You must also consider protecting your systems from malware, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) solutions from Cisco and MyTek is a complex solution that is designed to protect your company’s data on your mobile devices, network, and virtual systems.

To keep your employees up to date in and out of the office, a company’s intranet is vital. Cisco has collaboration solutions to help your business stay informed at all times, as well as communication enhancing technology with video calling and instant messaging.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Cisco Certified Solutions, give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440.


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