Meet the Team

I really enjoy helping people in all aspects of life and with my every day work duties. The satisfaction of hearing or seeing someone happy after I’ve solved their problem, or guided them through a quicker, easier way to do something or just being there to support my team with whatever is going on that day makes me smile. It’s all about SERVICE of all kinds and what can I do today to make someone else’s day better than mine.

The act of going above and beyond what is expected of me to help someone solve their problem in whatever the “problem” may be.

11, I had no worries in life except riding my bike, listening to Michael Jackson or Duran Duran and being way too competitive in Physical Education class. Those were the good days!

Any time I get to spend with my husband and our children is ideal; I really like camping and anything outdoors.

The evolution and how much technology changes from day to day is insane! When I think back to being a kid in computer class and playing Oregon Trail which I thought was just amazing back then!

A quick read from a devotional book and a smile.

I enjoy working with people and being a good partner. Making a positive impact everyday provides me with a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can achieve the desired results both internally and externally.

Delivering an above and beyond value

30 – time goes by way to fast after 30!

Beach, Beverages and good company

The future and how it evolves rapidly and impacts all things we do everyday

Starbucks double shot 😊

I thrive on building winning solutions through service fueled by love.

Anticipating the needs of others ahead of your own and responding to their needs in ways they never expected leaving them to feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment.

Exploring the world through the eyes of my kids.

The endless possibilities that it provides.

A quick read from a devotiWatching the sun come up and reflecting on all that I am grateful for.onal book and a smile.


Our goal is to reinvent the managed IT experience for growing Arizona businesses through a partnership with no long-term commitments, technology options that are flexible to meet your needs and infrastructure and strategy that position your technology as a competitive advantage.

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