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Expand Your Infrastructure with Wireless Deployment Services

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Wireless Network Services and Security


Store bought routers aren’t made to handle the amount of traffic your business might need. They also don’t have the security abilities you may be looking for. You are probably looking for a system that can allow your team to step away from their desks to meet and collaborate and a system that can house everyone on the same network, whether they are on their phones or laptops. Wireless network services offered by MyTek can help.

In Arizona, for small or midsized businesses, MyTek offers wireless system deployment. Regardless of their location within the office, your team will be able to access the internet and intranet if you have a uniform wireless strategy implemented with MyTek’s help. But, before implementing your new wireless solution, MyTek can help you understand the process and the factors that go into it.

The Size Of Your Workplace

What spaces need wireless connections?

It really depends on the size of your business space to understand how demanding your wireless connection will need to be. If you have a small office, a large building, or an entire city block, this size will need to be taken into account. Obviously, you need access to WIFi all over your space, so everyone gets their work done on time. One router may not be enough for the space, and so it is important to have professional help so your multiple routers aren’t competing and conflicting with each other.

Since we specialize in wireless networks services and security we have the know how to assess your space for what it will need to have the best, and most secure, connection from everywhere.

How Many Users Will Need Access

Can your wireless connection handle your entire staff?

If too many people are on a connection that can’t handle it, speed and productivity will be at a low. Too much traffic can go as far as shutting down your routers completely.

It is important to know how many users can be using one router at once and having enough routers for the amount of people on your team. MyTek can easily help you find the perfect balance and make sure that your routers are helping your productivity, not hurting it.

Keeping Security Tight

Understanding login credentials and how strict they should be

When switching to a new wireless system, it is imperative that your company is keeping security in mind. Viruses and malware can easily break into unsecured networks and infect your systems quickly. This can not only put your company’s data at risk but can also put every device connected (including your team’s personal devices) at risk.

MyTek constantly keeps up with the best security practices and will take it all into account when creating your new wireless connection. Default hardware-level firewalls are not enough for us, we will make sure your data and connections are completely safe to use and can help your team understand how to upkeep strong security.

If you’re interested in learning more about wireless connectivity, give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440.



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