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Server Migration Services

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Server Migration


Servers are used for many purposes and it is common to have to migrate your server at some point during your business’ lifetime. Migration might be done because of a data loss incident, to enhance your business intelligence, moving to a hosted computing environment, or to optimize your business structure. This process can be a very complicated process, which is why you need an experienced IT firm like MyTek to help out.

Our technicians at MyTek have a strong understanding in server migration and hold the certifications needed to make your migration as smooth as possible. MyTek is also Arizona’s most highly respected server migration service and has many options that you might not have even thought about before. MyTek can help you get your data, applications, infrastructure, and everything else migrated quickly and effectively.

A Migration Process That Is Fast and Reliable

Minimal downtime when moving your data, applications and infrastructure

Whether your server is physical or virtual, your migration must be handled with care. For smaller projects like cloud migration, MyTek can handle some of the work remotely and can quickly transfer your applications with ease. For larger jobs, such as a full server, MyTek has many solutions to offer.

With servers of all types and sizes, our technicians are prepared to work on yours. Our services include:

  • Storage Transformation (warehousing)
  • Data Distribution
  • Database Normalization
  • Software (email, communications, applications)
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Physical-to-Cloud
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • And more

    You can be sure that your migration will be done right while working with MyTek to migrate your servers. If you are looking to migrate your infrastructure, our technicians can help evaluate the best next steps for you.  Our technicians can present your business with reliable, tested, and turnkey solutions that will meet every challenge and exceed expectations. For more information, give MyTek a call at 623-312-2440.


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Our goal is to reinvent the managed IT experience for growing Arizona businesses through a partnership with no long-term commitments, technology options that are flexible to meet your needs and infrastructure and strategy that position your technology as a competitive advantage.

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