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Disaster Recovery as a Service in Phoenix

Do you have a plan and procedure in place to defend your business if disaster strikes?

Cloud computing is the best option for disaster recovery. Our service ensures that all your data is safeguarded, and that recovery time after a disaster is quick. MyTek is one of the best in the Arizona industry. Together we can recover your systems quickly to reduce the impact to your revenue.

The larger the database and collection of data, the more critical it becomes to have disaster plans in place. As one of Arizona’s most reliable managed IT services providers, MyTek assists in organization oversight when technology fails. We provide disaster recovery as a service in Phoenix so your business can continue running without a hitch.

Getting the Most Out of Our Cloud Solutions

Don’t rely only on cloud backup. Add disaster recovery services to your plan.

In implementing a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan, your company’s information will be copied and safely stored. You will also increase collaboration and cut capital costs. This service will act as a recovery fallover. In other words, you will receive powerful backup and recovery services, as well as a cloud-based infrastructure, application and storage restored to a “hot” site while your infrastructure is reconstructed.

Whether your company depends on public, private, or hybrid cloud systems, MyTek’s disaster recovery as a service in Phoenix presents choices on how to deploy their infrastructure, applications, and storage.

Usually these solutions carry an intimidating price tag. However, MyTek’s skilled experts will find a solution that meets your company’s needs and fits comfortably within your budget.

Minimize Risk

A comprehensive disaster recovery service system reduces organizational risk and will provide you with a system on which you can depend.

MyTek’s planning process involves policies and procedures that are focused on preparing for recovery or continuation of the technology infrastructure. We can sustain the profitability of your company by providing your IT department with mission-critical computing resources to get up and running again. If you rely on hosted computing solutions, your business cannot afford to lose data or the cost-latent downtime that is the result of it.

For more information about our Disaster Recovery as a Services in Phoenix, or to get assistance protecting your valuable data and infrastructure, call us today at 623-312-2440.

The cloud is the number one solution for disaster recovery. Our service ensures that all your files are protected and the downtime for your business is kept to a minimum. Mytek is one of Arizona’s leaders in backup and recovery solutions. Working with us, we can minimize loss in revenue for your business by protecting all your data.

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