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Town of Guadalupe Finds Long-Term Technology Partner in MyTek

The Town of Guadalupe in Arizona supports a community of 6,600 residents with a staff of 25 employees. Bob Thaxton has served as the town’s finance director for 17 years. As part of his role, he oversees the technology needs of the town’s employees, which are critical to communication with its residents and town council. As the town’s long-time technology partner, MyTek has supported the town by providing technology services needs for 17 years – 11 years under MyTek and 6 years prior through the company MyTek acquired in 2009.

The Challenge

“Prior to MyTek assuming our IT needs, we had just one contracted individual taking care of everything,” shared Bob. “The town and its needs were growing. We needed more services for residents and employees to take a step up to be able to effectively report and communicate. We needed a stronger technology solution and found MyTek.”

The Solution

Bob shared that the Town of Guadalupe needed a technology provider that could truly be a partner, with each side owning some of the IT responsibility and being able to coordinate and work efficiently and effectively together. “I serve as the communication between our technology needs and MyTek for our employees,” shared Bob. “This keeps everything coordinated, and there are some things that MyTek has educated me on and provided the tools to take care of myself and some things that we rely on them for.”

MyTek is responsible for the town’s server infrastructure, ensuring they are proactively managed, remotely monitored and updated as needed. They also oversee, maintain and update the hardware and software for 25 employees. In addition, the town purchases all of its technology equipment through MyTek. “Of great value, MyTek provided me with a highly detailed network map, which allows me to quickly identify any aspect of our technology and often I can resolve things without MyTek or with minimal support from them,” said Bob. “The map is also extremely helpful in the event of the Town needs to activate their Emergency Operations Plan as it relates to the Maricopa County Emergency Management System.”

The Benefit

Through its 17-year technology partnership with MyTek, the Town of Guadalupe has had the IT support it needs for its employees and residents. They have been able to also meet the needs of technology and communication with their town council, which has been very important. “I would recommend MyTek primarily because of their communication,” stated Bob. “They communicate very well and very efficiently. They can always talk in layman’s terms to non-technical people about what something is and how to do it. They are always very polite and patient in working with you.”

Bob also noted that MyTek’s ticketing system is a well-oiled machine that promotes tight collaboration through the support process. This results in timely communication, allowing the end user to know the status of their support request. He shared that if something is going to be delayed or an unforeseen issue encountered – which is rare – MyTek always communicates right away. “One thing to note is that MyTek has never gone overbudget, not once” said Bob. “Their good communication and efficiency at getting things done are a big reason why they stay within budget.”

Bob Thaxton

Finance Director, Town of Guadalupe

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