Concord General Contracting, Inc. Engages MyTek as Strategic IT Partner

Concord General Contracting, Inc. is an Arizona-based company who recently celebrated its 50th year in business with locations in Mesa and Tucson. They specialize in commercial construction in industries such as municipal, education, medical, retail, and religious institutions. As a general contractor with a team of nearly 60 employees, they manage large construction projects and subcontract with multiple vendors.

The Challenge

“We are a high maintenance company with regards to IT,” said Stephanie Ross, the company’s controller. “Our employees have complained about IT for years. They want things fixed right away.”

Stephanie shared that they originally started with one internal IT resource and an external IT vendor for the day-to-day IT needs. “Rates kept going up with our IT vendor, employees weren’t happy, and we got to a point where we felt we were being taken advantage of. It was time to seek a new solution.” Stephanie also noted that the company was experiencing a lot of growth and needed solid IT partner who could help manage their growth.

The Solution

Concord originally viewed IT management as a shared model, with an IT provider handling the day-to-day needs and an internal resource managing the strategic IT. Over time and with some internal IT staff changes, Concord shifted to seeking a more holistic solution. This led to MyTek assuming 100 percent of the IT management from the day-to-day to the strategic.

“We sat down with Tim [Tiller, CEO of MyTek] and shared what we were looking for. We explained our high IT resource needs, including a need to develop an IT solution for our onsite trailers. From that conversation with Tim and our CEO Grenee Martacho, we decided not to bring in a new internal IT resource, but to more fully engage MyTek for all of our IT needs. After the conversation with Tim, we knew MyTek really wanted to partner with us and make it work.”

Stephanie shared that this is proving to be a great solution having MyTek as a strategic IT partner, where they continue to manage the day-to-day IT needs as well as serve as a more strategic IT partner to support the company’s growth and goals.

The Benefit

From shifting to a hybrid model of both in-house IT and an external vendor to MyTek managing all of Concord’s IT needs, the company has experienced the following benefits through their partnership with MyTek:

  • Fast turnaround times for employee IT needs and excellent communication with keeping Concord updated on resolving IT issues. “Our employees are getting things fixed when they have issues and getting answers when they need them,” said Stephanie. “Most importantly, I am not hearing any complaints from employees around IT, which has never happened.”
  • A strategic partner to oversee the company’s IT infrastructure, including developing a plan for IT in the onsite trailers including consistent Internet access,
  • Finding old IT issues and resolving them, such as a server that MyTek identified was out of warranty since 2019. Feeling confident that Concord’s IT infrastructure is in good hands and that things won’t fall through the cracks or go overlooked.
  • Bringing key expertise to our employees around areas such as security and training on security and phishing to help keep our systems safe from a security hack.
  • Finding an important solution for on-site cameras at our construction projects to offer real-time video access to our clients as well as create a slide show using time-lapse photos from the footage at the project conclusion. “This was a key need of one of our biggest clients, and MyTek solved it very quickly and effectively for us,” said Stephanie.
  • Having an IT partner that Concord feels confident can grow and scale with their needs.

“Concord came to us with the opportunity to provide a more advanced and holistic IT solution,” shared Tim Tiller, CEO of MyTek. “By having a more strategic voice at the table than we did when Concord originally engaged us, we have been able to partner and invest with them in a way that really supports their business goals and operations. As a strategic partner, we have a synergy with Concord and a voice in the conversation that allows us to move faster and solve challenges.”

“Our relationship with MyTek is now more high-end,” stated Stephanie. “It’s working well. Our employees are happy. Things get fixed with there are issues and we get answers when we need them. MyTek goes above and beyond, including being onsite when needed, to make us happy.”

Stephanie Ross


Stephanie Ross servers as Concord General Contracting Inc’s Controller with a strong background in finance. She has been with Concord for 4 years. Prior to her role with Concord, she worked for a subcontractor as a controller for 14 years. Stephanie oversees the company’s financials as well as its information technology needs.

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