Wireless Network Best Practices That Will Protect Your Data

Wireless security is a cornerstone of working on the go because there are so many wireless networks available to connect to. Today, we’re going to list off wireless network best practices for you to follow, so you can stay secure, no matter where you are.

Change Default Router Passwords

While many people keep the default network names and passwords, this practice can easily be exploited by hackers. Hackers can look up common default passwords for certain devices, and they can get in with ease. This means that you should always change the NAME and PASSWORD so they don’t know what device it is, and they can’t figure out standard default passwords.

Set Up Guest And Employee Networks

Restrict access by adding in a password, or by setting up a guest network. Never have your important work data on the same network as your customers. This is an easy way that people can slip in and get through. This is why most businesses will have one network for the employees and one for customers.

Patch your Access Points

All access points should be kept up to date with security updates and patches. It can seem difficult to keep up with never-ending updates, but we want you to know it is so important. Patches and updates are often dire to keeping your network safe.

Implement Comprehensive Security Measures

You should have just as many security protocols for your wireless network as you do with your physical networks. Use antivirus, antimalware, firewalls and more to keep them safe.

Use a Virtual Private Network

VPNs are used to encrypt data so it can be kept safe. Even if a hacker gets their hands on their data, it will be meaningless to them because of the encryption. Without a decryption key, it will just look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Let Us Help!

MyTek can help you follow these wireless network best practices by helping you find the best security products or by keeping up on your updates for you! Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more about this topic, and so much more!

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