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Why Your Google Account Security is So Important

Today, having a computer or an Android device simply means you have a Google account as well. It is accessible through any device and is very versatile. But, Google accounts have a set of underlying risks too. If you overlook these risks, you might face a few problems with your google account security. 

The security of any online account needs to be of primary importance for us to avoid unexpected scenarios. Let us see why Google account security is so important.

You are Responsible for Your Account Security

Since its advent, the internet has undergone a total shift of image. Today, we are using the internet for various other purposes than the original purpose of creating and sharing knowledge. Inter-net itself means a sharing between a system of connected things.

In 1962, J.C.R. Licklider of MIT composed “Galactic Network” and said the purpose of the internet was mainly to share. The intention was to share data and algorithms across various systems even if they are located at different places in the world. The Galactic Network is very similar to today’s internet.

Later, Sir Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web using the concept of a decentralized and open environment as its framework. He believed that something universal cannot be kept in complete control.

The Modern-Day Internet

Though the internet has retained most of its original qualities, we use it for various other purposes today. Social media has become a part of our daily life. We need the internet to share information, cooperate and work in collaborative environments, and communicate with one another. These new purposes have tremendously helped all of us to expand and grow our businesses. Following these, open-access information and net neutrality have also come into the picture. 

The Internet is no longer used in the same way as the Galactic Network. This makes it essential for us to protect the data we send or share through the internet. Companies such as Google take utmost care to design their services. But, an additional level of caution must be exercised from our end too.

Google is currently a name everyone recognizes. An email is now analogous to Google’s mail service which is Gmail. We all have linked or created multiple online services with Google already. Now imagine what a breach in your Google account can do? We share a lot of personal information while creating an account. We can also have very important and sensitive information in our inboxes. How confident are you that all this is secure?

Consequences of Linking Every Account to Google Account

Sure it is very convenient to have just one account created and using the same to access multiple online services. But have you ever thought about what linking can lead to?

Google accounts are an amazing way to ease your online troubles. You can use it as a method of sign-in for so many services. However, we must understand one crucial piece of information that is:

Linking an account to your Google account simply links the security of your Google account to other accounts and services too.

Hence, if you are negligent in safeguarding your Google account, you are putting your all other accounts at stake too. 

Assessing the Damage

If you are currently using any electronic device or computer, simply click here to access your Google account. Click the Security option on the left side of the screen to see the list of third-party applications and websites that can access your account. If the complete list is what you expected, then you are good.

But, if you see something suspicious such as your bank account etc, note that. It means that hackers can take advantage of this fact. They can potentially lock you out of your bank’s online services and may block you from resetting your password. All this is possible if they can simply get into your Google account information. You might not even be aware of this until the time you see your funds getting transferred or any other fraudulent activity.

Sounds scary, isn’t it? So what shall we do? Should we stop using the most convenient and feature-loaded Google account? Well not really. We can find a balance between indiscriminate usage and no usage at all. We must ensure that Google’s account is sufficiently secured for us. We must follow some processes for it and unfortunately, this is not by default present in Google Settings. 

Make Sure Your Google Account is Safe and Secure

The first and foremost thing for us to understand is account security is not a one-time activity. We may have to keep regularly checking if all the security measures are in place. We must also acknowledge the fact that some breaches might happen from the organization’s end as well. Now that we are aware of these things, let’s see what additional practices can make sure of our account security.

Dos and Don’ts for setting your passwords

As simple as that sounds, it is highly important to have strong passwords for all your online accounts, especially Google accounts. Adhere to all the password policies and set a strong password or pass-phrase for Google account. This is simply because if your Google account is hacked, that gives cybercriminals access to most other accounts too. So exercise more caution. Keep changing it at regular intervals.

Avoid putting your password on public systems or places where there is a potential attack of malware or computer viruses. Computers at such places are just waiting for you to input your password to start their attacks. Avoid using public Wi-Fis as much as possible. Use a private and secured network for accessing your Google account.

Use a two or multi-factor authentication

This is the best method for the safety of your account. The more information your account needs to allow access to information, the better it is. With two-factor authentication, your account will not allow anybody without a one-time password or a text code sent to your mobile or another secondary number. Unless the hackers have access to both your Google account and your phone, accessing your information becomes impossible. You can also use an application such as Google Authenticator. 

By following the tips, you will be able to use the services of Google. A proactive approach will keep you safe. If you’re looking for IT security help, contact MyTek at 623-312-2440.

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