Why Computer Support and IT is the Backbone of Your Business

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A scalable  businesses require technology to run various or even all aspects of the business. Without the right computer support and technology infrastructure, it would be impossible to deliver goods and services to customers.

Operational Efficiencies

A goal of most any business is to create efficiencies in operations to reduce expenses. The right computer support and IT help companies streamline operations to manage costs and deliver the best quality product or service. Information technology (IT) facilitates automation of routine tasks, data storage and security, communication and much more. Of course, employees rely on computer support to stay connected and keep the hardware and software they use up to date. With many businesses moving to fully or partial remote workforces, having the right computer support is more important than ever to enable employees to do their jobs efficiently.

Competitive Edge

It’s no longer enough just to have the right computer support and IT in place since very company uses IT in almost all aspects of its business. The competitive advantage comes into play when you choose the right equipment for your unique needs. For example, one company’s goal may be to use technology to improve customer service another to streamline their ecommerce delivery and another may wish to focus on improving production timelines. Different technology and computer support will be required for each of these situations.

Once the right equipment is in place, the next step is to effectively train employees on how to use it. Training results in employees who are able to use the technology effectively to improve how they complete their work. Overall, a team who knows how to use the IT tools they have will result in a better functioning organization as a whole.  

Cost Advantage

Often small- to mid-sized companies shy away from investing in computer support and IT. The interesting thing is that the right choices will almost always pay off and result in cost savings. A few areas where computer support and IT infrastructure can pay off include:

  • Streamlining customer support via email or chat versus live phone support
  • Reducing redundancies across key work areas
  • Outsourcing and/or remote work options to tap into a broader and often less expensive talent pool
  • Automating routine tasks
  • Connecting employees with online tools for project management, collaboration and communication
  • Accessing lower cost technology solutions (i.e. VoIP, cloud storage)


Ironically, the rise of technology has also led to more issues with IT security for businesses. Now, we need to leverage technology to keep our businesses – regardless of size – secure. Without the ability to secure data and proprietary information, most businesses put themselves at great risk. According to IBM, the average total cost of a data breach has increased by 10% since 2014. The consolidated average total cost of data breaches in 2020 study was $3.86 million. Earlier this month, we wrote an article Cybersecurity Companies: What to Look For to help navigate the many options.

To learn more about how MyTek, an Arizona managed IT services company, can provide a FREE review of your IT environment and help you determine the right technology and computer support for your unique needs, please contact us.

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