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Why Businesses Should Select a Hosted Email Solution

Out of all of the business tools in the world, email is easily one of the most common and most often used. But were you aware that some email options are better than others? That’s why we’re going to discuss hosted email options in today’s blog.

A business email should have more to offer than an average private email account.

Here are a few of the typical qualities of a standard private email address:

These are great qualities for a private email, but for a business, these options are not enough. Even just the storage space limitations would cause issues for any business. While a price tag that says “free” is sometimes hard to argue with, the costs that you’re trading might make you want to adjust your email plan.

You might want to own your own Exchange servers, but this might come with a few technological issues like:

  • Greater technical skill and experience needed
  • Time investment for set up and maintenance may be large
  • Increased chance of significant downtime might be true
  • Spam filtering will cost extra in finances and time
  • For upkeep and updates, all responsibilities are the business’

These issues are costly, especially if they are combined. Thankfully, we have a better option that has the benefits of a local email server but the advantages and ease of a cloud email.

Hosted Email

Both Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 have options for enterprise-level email paired with each account. Using these platforms can provide: 

  • No extra infrastructure costs
  • Scalable number of accounts on network
  • No email infrastructure management needed
  • Unified billing accepted
  • Built-in productivity suites ready to use
  • Built-in management and security ready to use 
  • No software licensing or maintenance needed
  • Scalable storage offered
  • Email backup provided
  • Access at any time, from anywhere

If this sounds like something your team would be interested in, give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more.

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