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What to do if You Lose Your Mobile Device

Have you ever lost your cell phone before? It’s a common thing that happens really often. But it has recently led to more problems as more people are using their cell phones for work and storing business data on it. This had led many businesses to become vulnerable to threats. Luckily we know What to do if you lose your mobile device.

Suspend any Financial Permissions to the Device

If your phone password isn’t strong enough for whoever finds your device, you’ll want to call your bank to make sure they can’t make unauthorized purchases with your credit or debit card. Their fraud department can refund lost money if damage has already been done, or pause your account so it can’t happen at all.

Wipe ALL Passwords

This means every single password. Whether it was a cell phone or a laptop that was stolen, you should change every single password that you can. While it is unfortunate and can be very timely, it is very necessary to protect all of your accounts. While it will be a pain right now, it will be less painful than a stolen account later.

Make Sure Browser Sync is Deactivated

If you use a browser like Firefox or Chrome, make sure that your browser syncing is turned off before you change any passwords. If you don’t do this before you start changing them, they will sync to your old device and give whoever has your phone more access. In Chrome, this can be done through Settings, by going to advanced sync settings, and clicking “Choose what to sync.” Deselect everything and set a new password to encrypt the data that has already been synched. 

If you are searching for a device, there are a few ways that would make it easier to recover afterward. 

Note Your Serial Numbers

When you’re trying to get a laptop or other device back, it can be hard to prove that it belongs to you. If you keep a record of your devices, along with their serial numbers, you will be able to claim your device and prove its yours. 

To find this information, you must go to your Control Panel, to System and Security, and to “See The Name Of This Computer.” Then, you can take a screenshot of this information for your records. 

Keep Your Data Backup Updated

Many thieves know exactly how to wipe data on stolen computers as fast as possible. This will make your computer or phone even harder to find. They can also wipe the device so that they can sell it. You should always have a data backup so that you still have your data and it is protected. If you need help with any of these steps, MyTek is here to help, call us today at 623-312-2440.

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