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Top 5 Secure VPNs for SMBs


In a recent report, IBM found that the average cost of a data breach was 4.24 million in 2021. That’s a big financial dent for small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford the security infrastructure deployed by enterprises and MNCs. What they can do is invest in a secure VPN to not only protect their on-site assets but also enable remote teams to access company data securely. 

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts network connection to allow remote teams and multiple branches to access secure networks. It improves data security for business and prevents cyberattacks. Big companies usually set up their own VPNs but it requires significant investment. But this shouldn’t deter SMBs from enabling secure network access and this is where a business VPN can help them. 

The key here is to find a VPN that empowers your SMB to do more without compromising on security features or charging a bank for universal services. We have tried and tested numerous business VPNs that offer data security to SMBs and narrowed them down to the five of the very best VPNs built around small businesses. 


The popular NordVPN has a business-focused product called NordLayer which is one of the rare VPNs to cover all the bases. 

NordLayer has excellent 265-bit encryption, split tunneling, 2FA, kill switch and SSO, and a no-logging policy. It’s a cloud-based “plug and go” VPN that’s easy for remote teams to set up and access internal resources. The accounts can be transferable in case of staff changes. NordLayer’s basic plan starts from $7/member but its best features can be accessed with an advanced plan that is set at $9/member. You’ll get a static IP address, access management, dedicated servers, and 24/7 priority support. 

NordLayer has a healthy count of servers, despite being located in only 33 countries. Its speed is reliable if not blazing fast, which represents everything NordLayer stands for — decently priced VPN small businesses and remote teams can trust and afford. 

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a VPN made solely for businesses. It’s a cloud-based VPN offering 265-bit AES, in-house software-defined perimeter (SDP), 2FA, WiFi security, and a no-logging policy. 

Perimeter 81 uses a host of security features such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP security protocols, WireGuard connector for fast speed, and dynamic server allocation to manage usage upticks. It’s very easy to access and manage team member permissions and its unique network segmentation feature comes in handy to isolate sensitive files. 

Perimeter 81 has universal functionality across iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux platforms and it’s very straightforward to set up and maintain. The only downside of Perimeter 81 would be the minimum 5-user policy for each plan, which makes it more ideal for larger companies than home-based businesses or solopreneurs. With monthly plans starting from $10/member, Perimeter 81 can be on the expensive side but the security features more than makes up for it. 


In the world of business VPNs, Twingate is a unique proposition. It’s a zero-trust network that prevents unauthorized access while protecting the network with strong encryption. 

Twingate is geared towards IT teams who can map a secure network and establish an access dashboard for Twingate to monitor. It seamlessly works in the background with features like QUIC, NAT Traversal, split tunneling, and SSO. Even if you’re not an IT person Twingate has adequate documentation to sift through.

Despite its unique take on business VPN, the most attractive feature of Twingate is the pricing. It has a free tier for a small team of 5 members. Paid plans start from $5/member for teams up to 50 users and $10/member for businesses up to 150 users. is ideal for businesses that look for optimum flexibility. It’s one of the rarest business VPNs that cover unlimited devices in each plan. This means small businesses can add multiple devices without worrying about paying extra charges. 

As a VPN, it uses strong encryption, DNS protection, split tunneling, and a nifty content filter as well. It’s one of the fastest VPNs out there but does log some traffic data over the network. recently merged with StrongVPN in order to create a superior VPN service taking the best of both services. StrongVPN itself is a well-known business VPN with a strong unlocking capacity and a no-logging policy. If you’re planning to create a new account, you’ll be led to StrongVPN’s page.


ExpressVPN doesn’t have a traditional business product per se but it’s one of the largest and most well-regarded consumer VPNs that can be extended to improve data security for business and solopreneurs. 

ExpressVPN uses industry-leading 265-bit AES, in-house DNS servers, a proprietary kill switch called “network lock”, and a no-logging policy. On top of that, it has server presence in 90+ countries, seamless functionality across platforms, and 24/7 chat support to help businesses resolve queries. 

The monthly plan starts from $12.95 which may be costlier than other options on this list. But if you want to leverage a tried and tested product or have been using secure VPN, simply get in touch with support to set up business billing. Business VPNs are absolutely crucial in protecting data security for SMB in 2022. They not only allow users to browse privately but also enable a remote workforce to work seamlessly. If you’re worried about remote desktop security and want help in deploying a robust VPN service, get in touch with MyTek today. 

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