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IT Support Tip of the Week: Turn It Off and Turn It On, Again

Some people feel that IT support consists of geeks occupying the basement office—they keep waiting for someone to call them upstairs.

Though this generalization can sound unfair, it is difficult for clients to understand the technical nature of our IT jobs. But, we have the simplest of tools to fix your IT problems.

First, have you tried turning it off and then turning it on in case of any computer issue?

Can Simple Reboot be the Answer to Your Computer Problem? IT Support Made Easy

Let’s understand how you operate a computer or a network-operated device. First, you switch on your computer, and then the program loads. You may even download more programs or software. These steps require effort, and you could face unexpected roadblocks. Also, some activities occur in the background while using the device. Your system’s resources can get taxed by these actions. Ultimately, you are operating on a RAM-stuffed machine that is crawling at an unrecognizable speed. 

What do you do then? You try rebooting.

Suddenly, all the interrupting processes stop. Once your machine is back to its running life with clear RAM, your computer starts working perfectly.

Your computer springs back to life with the on/off session. No wonder IT people are seen as nerds due to unconventional yet straightforward solutions. 

On a serious note: Rebooting your computer is not the ultimate solution for significant computer problems. Try turning it off/on. If you still face any issues, try to call us nerds. 

For more tips and tricks, feel free to reach out to our IT professionals today at 623-312-2440, and subscribe to the MyTek blog to learn more about IT support services in Phoenix and Arizona.

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