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Tip of the Week: Three Steps to Better Data Backups

Data backup is a very important tool to integrate into your business because of the protection it can offer. Today, we’re going over how to know if your backup is trustworthy enough based on its security and reliability.

You Should Always Have More Than One Copy Of Your Data

If your backup is also destroyed in whatever disaster you’re dealing with, how is it useful at all? Obviously, it is not. This is why you’ll need multiple data backups, not just one. This additional data backups need to be stored somewhere entirely different so that they can’t be wiped out with the others at the same time. If something takes out your original data and one backup, we’ll have another somewhere else that wasn’t affected at the same time.

Keeping Your Backup Safe From Cybersecurity Threats

MyTek takes data security entirely seriously and you’ll notice this very quickly. If your backups are not secure, the entire backup system is worthless. It is also important that your backups are safe from threats, because it holds all of the same sensitive information as your original data. We make sure that every version of your data is safe from threats.

More Than One Version In Your Backup

Not only do we need multiple backups, we need to have multiple versions of your data. It is entirely possible that your data can be infiltrated before anyone notices. So, we have to have multiple versions of your data so we can revert back to an earlier copy before the data was corrupted.

We Have The Strategies You Will Need

MyTek can help your business come up with a strategy that will keep your business and your data safe. Time should not be wasted on poorly constructed data plans. Give us a call today to get the help you need with protecting your business and your data. Call us at 623-312-2440.

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