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Tip of the Week: Learn How to Use the Microsoft Edge Browser

There has always been a competition between web browsers. To combat the competition between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Microsoft has updated their web browser to be more customizable. Today, we’re going to discuss these new features and settings.

Default Search Engine Changing
Since Microsoft owns Bing, it is the default search engine for Microsoft Edge. Now, it is possible for you to change your default search engine to Google or any other you prefer.

To do this, you’ll need to go to your default search engine so that Edge can recognize it as an option. Then, click the browser menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings. Click “Access View advanced settings.” Find where it says “Change Search Engine” and select the one you want it to change the default to.

The Home Button Is Back
Many browsers have a home button that can be used to revert back to the home screen at any time. Edge usually doesn’t have this option but you can now add one again.

Go back to Advanced Settings, and find where it says “Show home button option” and turn it on.
You can also change what you would like the home button to lead to, such as the Edge homepage, a New Tab page or another page you would prefer.

New Tab Page Editing
You can also now change what you see when you open a new tab on Edge.

To do so, go to Settings. From the drop-down menu, select your preference for new tabs from these options:

  • A blank page
  • Your Top Sites
  • Your Top Sites and Your Suggested Content
  • Previewing Currently Open Tabs

The thumbnail preview of your currently opened tabs may be great for you if you usually have a ton of tabs open at once.

  • To do this, click the down arrow beside your tabs. Expand the tabs. You can hover over tabs to see their content.

Preserving Your Tabs
You can now also save tabs for later if you’ll need to get back to a task after a while.

To do so, click the button on the left of the tabs. Your tabs can be saved in a collection, so you can open many at the same time instead of clicking on multiple or going through your browser history.

Check back each week for more tips from MyTek.

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