Tip of the Week: Managing Email Chaos

Emails have been one of the most crucial communication tools businesses have used for a long time. But often, we end up cluttering inboxes, thereby not managing email properly and realizing its fullest potential.

Today, we will walk you through certain tips and tricks to streamline your business emails. These tips can probably help you rectify some of your bad habits along the way.

Don’t Be Afraid! You Can Reuse Your Email

Email has become a common part of our life. It has replaced our daily conversations involving messages like the “thanks,” the “you should have asked me before,” or the “yep, got it,!” etc.

Have you ever thought of using standard templates for these messages? Most email platforms support these message templates. In the Outlook messaging platform, it is called “quick parts,” while in Gmail, they take the form of “canned responses.”

These templates help you save time by preventing message rewrites. You just need to edit the template and add less content.

Create Messaging Groups

Sometimes, you may need to share the news with a group of people, your internal team, various departments, or external teams. You may want this process to be as straightforward as possible.

For instance, in Gmail, you can create groups for different contacts. Some people can form part of your internal group, while others belong to external groups. In this way, you can simplify reaching out to people in your office.

Organize Your Documents by Archiving

Even the most organized email inboxes can get decluttered with promotional emails. Be it an email from a newsletter or a vital email chain, these emails occupy your entire inbox, making you confused.

You may have liked a new business idea in the email and want to refer it back at a future date. But, how frequently do you refer back to the ideas and put them into practice? It is better to delete them. If you intend to retain these messages, you can keep them in a separate folder called “Future Plans.”

These minor adjustments can make a significant impact on your business life. Ensure that you subscribe to our blog for more tips to drive business growth! 

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