MyTek’s Tip of the Week: Five Deliciously Useful Tips for Android Pie

Android Pie is one of the most unique Android operating systems you’ll ever lay your hands on. This Android version aims to increase the aesthetics of a mobile phone with customized themes, unlike the older versions that came with standardized themes.

Even though the more recent Android Q is on its way, there are many unexplored features of Android Pie that customers can use to customize their phones. You can employ various hacks on your Android Pie phone to enhance its productivity.

MyTek gives you the top tricks to make the best use of your Android Pie phone.

How to Use Android Pie for Advanced Predictions to Boost Productivity?

Android Pie has the exciting feature of making advanced predictions. It studies your usage patterns and predicts similar situations in the future. These predictions appear as notifications in your application window.

For example, Android Pie can predict that you need to call someone based on your past phone call history. In case you have forgotten to contact the person, it acts as a perfect reminder for you. In addition, if you want to access the prediction feature, you can create a shortcut on your home screen.

How to Turn Off Predictions?

What if you don’t want the predictions? Or are they insignificant? Android Pie gives you the option to turn off these predictions.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to turn off predictions and keep the ones that matter:

  • Press and hold the suggestion you want to turn off until the ‘don’t show’ text pops up on top of the screen. With this step, you will no longer get the particular suggestion.
  • You can also disable specific suggestions. For this, Go to Home Settings -> Suggestions. Click on the Suggestions to reach the App menu. Turn off the toggle switch next to the App menu. This process prevents suggestions from appearing on your overview screen as well as in the app drawer.

How to Use Android Pie Shortcuts?

Just like a prediction shortcut, you can also create shortcuts for your app on your home screen. You just have to long-press an app in the app drawer, and different menu options will come up. Select your favorite options or drag the menu items to the home screen to create a shortcut.

How to Edit Mobile Screenshots?

Android Pie makes it easy for you to edit your mobile screenshot with simplified features. There are two ways to capture a screenshot. One, press the power button and volume-down button simultaneously. Second, press the power button and use the screenshot option that appears on your phone menu. After you capture the screenshot, you get an edit notification. Using this editor, you can crop, annotate, or highlight your screenshot. Finally, you can share the edited version with your friends or family.

How to Adjust Adaptive Brightness on Your Phone?

There is a default brightness setting on our phone. This setting also varies based on different environments. Android Pie helps you set screen brightness preferences for different lighting conditions. Then, the lighting changes and adjusts itself automatically.

To activate the brightness feature, go to Display settings -> Adaptive brightness. You can turn on the adaptive brightness option to adjust phone brightness based on different environmental conditions. If you know some more Android Pie tricks and tips, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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