MyTek’s Tip of the Week: Don’t Let a Failing Server Take Down Your Business

As a business owner, do you have a robust server maintenance plan in place to manage a failing server? If not, you are risking your online business data and slowing down performance. 

But don’t worry! It is not an uncommon challenge to businesses. Many of them don’t have a concrete maintenance plan for their business servers. With a solid onsite server, you can ensure that your workflow goes uninterrupted, the data is secure, and your business can function more efficiently.

But, when your servers grow older, you may need expert maintenance from a third party. It can reduce your maintenance bill, and you can select the best IT firm that offers you reliable services.

MyTek is one such IT firm that offers you best-in-class services. Our expert technicians will first assess the condition of your server. Based on its performance, they will suggest specific maintenance guidelines. We use automation to ensure that vital components of your onsite server do not fail.

This assessment process mitigate the risks of:

  1. Taking unplanned decisions that hamper the present and future performance of your business.
  2. High downtime cost associated with failing hardware.

MyTek gives you the following offerings:

  1. Dynamic Maintenance – We have advanced tools to monitor and track the health of your business infrastructure. Our expert team of remote technicians will alert you if your hardware needs replacement. This process enhances organizational uptime, thereby ensuring regular revenue generation.
  2. Software Patching – MyTek’s professionals are experts in patching your software and keeping it up to date. Also, you can build on the latest features to reduce business vulnerabilities.
  3. Disaster Recovery and Backup – We also ensure that your business follows a comprehensive disaster and backup recovery (BDR) strategy. These processes ensure that you have a data backup ready in case you lose valuable cloud data.
  4. Procurement and Consulting – MyTek provides professional consulting services that will connect your business with the best IT vendors in the market. In this way, you can access advanced IT solutions at different stages of your business.

To explore more about how you can maintain the health of your business IT infrastructure or replace a failing server, feel free to contact MyTek at (623) 312-2440.

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