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Tip of the Week: Awareness Is Important When Surfing the Web

The internet has become a part of everyday life. This week’s tip is all about being mindful online to keep yourself safe and so you have maximum security while browsing the web.

Security Over Convenience

Most threats live on websites that are easily avoidable. This can be done by developing healthy online habits. However, it is a much easier task to develop unhealthy internet habits, which can lead you to many more threats.

Let’s think about passwords. While it is so much easier to use the same password for everything so you don’t have to write them down or worry about remembering them, it is a very dangerous game. Every account you have on the internet should have its own unique password, even though that may feel like a pain.

There are many password managers available for you to use which can safely save all of your passwords in one place, guarded by one master password.

You should also have complex passwords set up for your networking equipment. A way to make it easy for cybercriminals is to leave your equipment on its default passwords. Make a safe and secure password and even change it periodically.

Additional Strategies

Next, you’ll want to be using the most updated form of your tools and programs, including web browsers. Watch for updates and update your programs and tools actively. If there is a possible threat, there should be a solution that arises to fix it.

Look For The Lock

When you are submitting sensitive information, like your credit card number, looking for the lock logo in your web browser’s address bar. It will appear on the left side of the URL. If you do not see the lock, you may want to consider not submitting your sensitive information because it is not being protected. 

Obviously, there are more ways to stay safe on the internet and these are the bare minimum. Stick around to see more tips from MyTek to stay safe on the web. For more details, call MyTek today at 623-312-2440.

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