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Tip of the Week: A Few Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Windows 10 Speed

Do you use Windows 10 for your business?

If yes, you can take advantage of several benefits like:

  • Advanced security management
  • An intuitive user-interface
  • Easy compatibility with major tools and software
  • Better device management to ensure glitch-free function.

But, at times, Windows 10 can also slow down your computer. So here are some tips that we can help you overcome these types problems.

Let’s see how.

Continuously Eliminate Bloatware From Your System

Your device may have different software installed on it. Some can be necessary, while others are not so essential. Also, there are chances that many of them found a place in your computer sneakily. This unnecessary piece of code takes up a large chunk of your device’s memory space. It can considerably slow down your Windows 10 device. 

Hence, ensure that you eliminate this bloatware from your device. This process can considerably enhance your device’s speed.

Make Optimal Use of Power Settings

The inbuilt power saving option in a Windows 10 powered device helps you conserve battery. But, sometimes, we need more power to do resource-intensive tasks. Since most workstation devices are plugged into a power device, being forced to optimize power settings is a rare phenomenon.

But, you can make use of the power settings for your laptop. Whenever your device is plugged in, set the power option to ‘high’. When you unplug your device, change the power settings option to ‘balanced.’

Avoid Windows Tips and Tricks

There’s a setting in your Windows 10 device to get notifications. ‘Get tips, tricks, and suggestions, as you use Windows’ option is accessible by clicking on the Settings icon and going to the notifications & actions section. Once you reach this point, make sure you turn off the tab ‘Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows’. This way, you become less biased while working on your Windows 10 device. Also, turning off the notifications helps you to adjust your device’s speed based and improve your productivity.

Try Restarting Your Device

Restarting your device is an excellent way to free up redundant processes and memory space. There are great chances that your Windows 10 device will speed up after the restart. Ensure that you try this step before trying out the techniques mentioned above.

If you are looking for more ways to speed up your device, make sure to subscribe to MyTek’s blogs. We are also reachable any time at 623-312-2440.

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