MyTek’s Tip of the Week: A Few of Google Chrome’s Native Capabilities

Most businesses these days use Google Chrome for browsing. It is intuitive, user-friendly, and less time-consuming to use. But, are you aware of Google Chrome’s other powerful in-built features? These features range from Omnibox search capabilities, tab management like navigation between multiple tabs, and more.

Let’s explains these characteristics of Google Chrome in detail.

Search Functionality – Omnibox Feature

Omnibox feature constitutes the address bar using which you can type in the URL to your favorite website. This functionality involves a set of advanced search options that a user can employ while using Google Chrome.

Let’s understand these Omnibox features in detail.

  • New Tab Search

One way of using the Omnibox feature is by directly typing the website URL in the address bar. The other way is to make use of the ctrl+enter option to switch to a new tab. This feature allows you to open a new tab without scrambling across multiple tabs.

  • Searching For a Particular Website

When you search for a new website for the first time, Google Chrome shows you the search results spread across multiple pages. You need to scan through the pages intently before spotting the specific website.

But, when you search for the same website, the job becomes much more manageable. Instead of loading multiple search results, you directly go to the desired website on the Google Chrome page. Hence, it becomes convenient for you to navigate to the website instead of searching through multiple pages at once.

  • Switching to an Open Tab

Too many tabs can get confusing and ruin the user’s browsing experience. To overcome this challenge, just enter the URL details into Omnibox. Then, you get the option ‘Switch to this tab.’ Just click on it, and you land on a new tab.

Tab Management Functionality

With the tab management functionality, you can move between tabs, segregate tabs in blocks, reopen closed tabs, etc.

Let’s understand each of these features in detail.

  • Navigating Between Tabs

While working on Google Chrome, you may have multiple tabs open at once. How do you effortlessly switch between the tabs without using your mouse? There lies the power of the keyboard command Ctrl + (tab number from 1-9). This feature automatically takes you to the desired tab.

  • Move Multiple Tabs to Different Windows

Sometimes, it becomes convenient to work across different windows for better clarity. For example, you may open one project & its associated tabs in a separate window while other project files can be opened on a new window.

Just press the ctrl key and select your favorite tabs. Then drag and drop it on a new window for an intuitive user experience.

  • Closed Tabs Reopening Feature 

We all end up closing a tab by mistake. But, don’t worry. There are two easy ways to reopen a closed tab.

First, use the ctrl + shift + T option.

Second, once you open a new tab, you need to right-click and access the Reopen closed tab option.

There you go, you can quickly recover accidentally closed tabs. Which of the Chrome functionalities do you enjoy the most? We would love to know your inputs on this in the comments below.

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