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Tip of the Week: A Beginner’s Guide to Wireless Networking

When someone is tasked with creating an office network, wireless functionality has become one of the biggest elements included. But sometimes, it seems like this task is easier said than done since wireless signals can be hard to control and work with. Today, we’re going to talk about wireless network setup.

1. Know Your Needs And Expectations

Before you even begin and acquire the Wi-Fi access points needed to make up your networks, we need to do a little bit of clerical work. Let’s think about:

  • How many people will need access and what devices they will use
  • Which systems rely on an Internet connection and how many of these can’t be hardwired
  • What will people use the internet for

These points will make it easier for you to know what your business will require so you can make better decisions about your configurations and equipment.

2. Be Strategic About Where You Place Your Access Points

You’ll need to now think about the placement of your network because it isn’t always in the most central location like you might think it will be. It is often, instead, dependent on where your demands are coming from. Another thing to think about is if these access points should be mounted or if they would be the most effective placed on a desktop instead. Think about what might cause interference, like HVAC vents, other devices and wires. Identify where the signal is weakest and strongest when your access points are in different configurations. With this, you can find the perfect placement for them and you can even use an application to analyze your signal.

3. Don’t Forget About External Factors

Obstructions aren’t the only reason that your signal might succeed or fail. Access points might interfere with each other or with others if you’re in a shared space with other businesses nearby.

This might seem overwhelming, but MyTek is here to help, with years of experience. Give us a call at 623031202440 to learn more about wireless network setup.

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