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Technical Support Tip of the Week: 3 Leading Causes of Slow Internet

Slow internet is undesirable as it negatively impacts your workplace efficiency. It will stall your work process, leading to missed deadlines. Ultimately, slow internet can result in your business losing more clients.

Today, our technical support tip of the week will walk you through common challenges slowing down your connection. You can accordingly take corrective measures to tackle the same.

Nowadays, many business solutions are hosted in the cloud. Cloud solutions have numerous benefits like easy scalability, cost-effective plans, easy migration, etc.

The Internet is helpful in many other ways. But, it’s equally important to have a reliable internet speed. Ensure that you keep your Internet speeds optimized.

Here are the top causes of slow internet that you need to know.

Low Bandwidth

In this case, your business tries to use more bandwidth than that allotted by your internet service provider. With the growth of your company, your bandwidth requirements also increase. Further, with the Bring Your Own Device policy, your employees connect more devices with the cloud. If you do not keep track of these increased requirements, you can see your internet gradually slowing down. In this case, you may have to upgrade your internet plan.

Old Equipment

Sometimes, old equipment can cause your internet to work slower than expected. For example, if your office router is a household model, it may not support higher business bandwidth. Hence, ensure that you plan your business upgrades well beforehand to prevent system outages. 

Environmental Factors and Misconfigured Equipments

Factors like concrete and electronics equipment can make receiving the wireless internet signal challenging. These misconfigurations can make even a brand new internet device non-functional. Hence, ensure that you check for these environmental factors in your office premises.

Here’s one final tip to overcome the slow internet issue:  Give MyTek, a Phoenix IT services company with white-glove technical support, a call. Our experts will help you figure out your network connection issues. Give us a call at 623-312-2440 to explore more.

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