This Scammer Raid Proves Just How Useful Monitoring Can Be

Have you ever shied away from incorporating a robust monitoring system at your workplace? With frequent scams coming to light these days, regular surveillance is the need of the hour to prevent frauds, financial thefts, employee misconduct, and more.  A recent scammer raid shows why proper monitoring is so important.

In October 2018, Delhi Police arrested 24 scammers for cheating and impersonation. These scammers imitated Microsoft Staff and duped American citizens for thousands of dollars. Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit made use of advanced data analytics to unearth the scam.

The modus operandi of the scammers involved setting up fake call centers. Essentially, the scammers would target their victims (American citizens) with fraud calls of malware. The victims were made to believe that their systems had malware. Once convinced, the citizens were sent links to solve the malware problem. An amount ranging from $100 – $500 was demanded from the victims. Once given access to the websites, the scammers would steal the victims’ money and confidential data.

It was due to the diligent effort of Microsoft employee Nripendra Kashyap that the scam could be unearthed. He used advanced monitoring tactics to expose the fraud and send the detailed report to the Digital Crime Unit. Based on his findings, ten call centers were raided, and 24 conmen arrested.

This scam brings to light significant takeaway lessons like:

  1. You cannot rely on any big organization like Microsoft to make you aware of your device’s potential security threats. You need an effective third-party service provider like MyTek to keep track of your system’s security issues and give proactive warnings. In this way, you can be well-prepared to handle the threats. Otherwise, there is very little you can do to prevent scams on an independent basis.
  2. Digital Crime Unit filed a lawsuit in 2014, which shows that 3.3 million users are becoming prey to tech support scams and lose a whopping $1.5 billion every year. Hence, IT monitoring must be given high priority and do not delay its installation. You can easily be overwhelmed with the threats to your device, but an IT Professional can quickly solve the threats and make life easier for you.

Overall, it is necessary to secure your devices to protect your organization from scams in this digital age. If you still haven’t installed a monitoring system, don’t worry, MyTek is here to help you.

You just have to sit back while we work in the background to ensure that your systems are foolproof and threat-free. Feel free to call us at 623-312-2440 to learn more about our monitoring services.

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