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IT Procurement Has Hit a Snag Thanks to Supply Chain Issues

Have you tried to procure hardware or products over the past couple of years? Chances are if you have, that you have found it harder than it had been in the past. This has been the case for any company that has dealings with computing hardware because the price has been hiked up on even the most simple components. Today, we’re going to look at the technology supply chain and what changes have recently been seen.

COVID-19 Supply Chains

Because of the pandemic, many things in the technology world have changed. Because the pandemic is a nationwide issue, the supply chain has been affected as well. One example is the increase in chip manufacturing prices, and when this is mixed with a slower manufacturing process, you get harder to obtain technology and delayed shipping.

There’s an obvious irony here because of the increase of remote workers who need an abundance of new technology. PC sales have jumped up 11 percent because remote workers are purchasing new computers, devices, smartphones and other tech accessories. 

The Chip Shortage

There has been an increase in demand for computer chips, which has created a shortage of semiconductors. This is affecting global supply chains and has created huge issues for those who want to purchase new computers, peripherals, monitors and other computing platforms. This equals longer waits for computing investments or procurements and puts a strain on companies. 

What You Can Do

You must be aware of the issues to do anything about them. Any company that wants to refresh its infrastructure should plan out its efforts far ahead, so that way it is the cheapest and most effective method. Planning purchases in advance can make it possible for your business to have everything they need.

Supply chain issues can go on forever, but until they go back to normal, we want you to be aware of them so you know how to avoid them. MyTek’s professionals are hard at work to help you find the best and most affordable computing options for your business, so give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to get the help with the technology supply chain that you deserve.

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