Adding to Your Infrastructure Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

When your business needs to get hardware like server units, monitors, workstations, networking components, and other technology, you’ll need to be able to make educated decisions. Whether you’re upgrading or purchasing brand new equipment, this can be a hard decision. Today we’re going to talk about upgrading your hardware, and what to look for, along with how to create a technology roadmap.

First, we need to say what not to do and what not to look for. Don’t wait until your systems are so broken that they can’t be repaired. This method of upgrading your systems will lead you to massive amounts of downtime in which your team can’t get the work they need to do because your computers aren’t working as they should. Be proactive in your upgrading, and be on the lookout for trouble that your systems might be having.

One example is letting your server units fail before replacing them. If you do this, how will you get to the data that was on the server? If you let your workstations break, how will all of the work get done? It won’t and you’ll waste time and energy finding a hasty replacement.

Now, you obviously don’t need to upgrade your hardware if it doesn’t need to be. If your current technology works perfectly fine, there is no reason to upgrade. When your hardware starts to cause issues, that’s when it will need to be replaced. Then, you should ask yourself what certain hardware is needed for. If you are giving a video editor a standard office workstation, they will have a much harder time than if they used the right equipment. Depending on what needs to be done on the equipment, you’ll want to look into different aspects of it like specs and sound. 

Finally, you’ll want to think about what your timeline is. This can be done with a technology roadmap. Basically, you’ll want to keep track of all of your upgrades so you know when they might need to be upgraded again. Planning purchases can be a lot better and give you more time to do research, rather than hasty spur-of-the-moment decisions.

MyTek can help you create a technology roadmap, and can help you stay up to date on when your systems might need an upgrade. Call us today at 623-312-2444.

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