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Tech Term: What is a Proxy Server?

People always talk about proxy servers, but the concept of a proxy server usually isn’t completely understood, even by those within the tech world. Today, we’re going to discuss what a proxy server is and how your organization uses them.

What is a Proxy Server?

Simply, a proxy server is an intermediary component between the internet and the computer that you are using. The way proxy servers work is by masking your computer’s IP address with its own IP address. This is to give your business networks a stronger sense of privacy and security benefits. 

Server Security

Your business does not want to have to deal with a security lapse of any sort, including network breaches. This is why many businesses implement proxy servers so there is a layer between your servers and internet traffic, so they have additional protection from harm. While this is not the only solution you need to keep unwanted threats out of your networks, it is a good first step and works as a barrier, so your network is less likely to be infiltrated. 

Proxy Server Privacy

With the stream of traffic that comes in and out of your networks, more businesses use proxy servers. Their main purpose is to give your systems anonymity that can limit your network to direct exposure. This doesn’t only protect your servers, but will also indirectly protect the people that depend on your business. 

Proxy servers provide security in these ways:

Usage Controls – A proxy server can help you limit what your employees can do on your company devices. They are also good for creating logs that have detailed information about the interactions they have with outside data. Either way, a proxy server can help you control access to outside data. 

Agility – Most of the time when proxy servers are used, bandwidth and computer speed are increased and improved. This is because the server is designed to repel bad information and will overall allow more agile business. 

This hopefully gives you a better idea of what a proxy server is and how your business can use it. For more great technology information, MyTek’s blog has many tips and tricks. For more about proxy servers and implementing them within your networks, give us a call at 623-312-2440.

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