SMBs Are Never Too Small for Hackers

Are you a small and mid-size business (SMB) owner? Have you put security measures in place? If not, do it immediately to prevent hacking of your business.

Small businesses are equally prone as their bigger counterparts to hacking. Miscreants can attack anytime and steal your business data. In such a scenario, confidential information can be at risk.

But don’t worry! MyTek gives you crucial tips to safeguard your business IT infrastructure with ease.

Small Business Data Valuable to Hackers

Every business comes with sensitive data surrounding the financial aspects of a company. It could be your business profit data, client payout, or customer transactions. Hackers will adopt all possible measures to collect this confidential information. Hence, you need to be wary about malware attacks to prevent business losses. Be it a big or small company; hackers tend to focus on the profit aspect of a company. Those credit card and transaction details are enough to steal funds and paralyze your business.

What is the Unpredictability Factor?

Most hackers aim to obtain sensitive information from your business. But, few hackers do not want specific data but only want to create havoc. They hack through your SMB setup and distribute malware to destabilize your system. Hence, small businesses are equally at risk of attack. There is an unpredictable security concern as either your confidential information is leaked or your system is destabilized, leading to data loss.

What is the Cost of Security Negligence?

The cost of minor business security negligence can be huge. First, your operations come to a standstill. Second, you might invite fines from regulatory bodies for non-compliance with security laws. Third, you can lose control over critical data, which can even be lost forever.

MyTek can help your business with the best security mechanisms, including a remote monitoring service that works to keep hardware running while protecting your network from threats. To learn more about what MyTek can offer for your network security, call us at (623) 312-2440.

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