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Six Things to Consider When Moving Your Business

Moving your workplace to a new place can be exciting for both the management and employees. But, this process comes with its own set of operational and logistical challenges.

Today, Phoenix IT support firm MyTek will list out the considerations for a hassle-free shifting process.

Plan Early On

You need to plan well before moving to a new location. Ensure that you consider factors like finances, logistics, office space, etc. Also, have a strategy for unforeseen circumstances like increased labor costs.

Decide on the Right Office Space

You need to be aware of the correct office space requirements. You need to make the right estimate starting with the location to budget. For example, will you face more foot traffic in the new place? Do you require additional parking? What type of furnishing do you need? 

Budget is an important aspect to consider while selecting the office space. Are you planning to rent the office space? Or purchasing it? Or are you preparing to lease? By charting out the budget, you can either apply for a loan or invest your savings.

Pay Attention to the Property Rules

If you plan to lease and rent the space, you need to talk to the managing party and clarify your property rights. While some terms are stated in the lease agreement, others require deep discussion for an amicable relationship. 

Decide the Floor Plan

The right floor plan decides the aesthetics of your new office space. You need to ask yourself important questions like the mode of office workspace: closed workplaces that seclude people but come with privacy or open workspaces that promote collaboration? Second, check if there is a requirement for dedicated office space.

Choose the Right Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The right internet service provider can enhance the quality of your business. Ensure that you shortlist a reliable provider from your office locality. Thoroughly research and compare different vendors based on bandwidth, speed, quality of customer support, cost, etc. 

Setup a Suitable Office Communication and IT System

Once you have the right internet provider on board, you need to update your business technology constantly. Start installing components like workstations, servers, modems, switches, routers, and more. Finally, make sure that the communications infrastructure is up and running so that your staff is more productive. 

Moving your office is a great challenge. If you expect help, call our IT professionals at 623-312-2440. We can help set up your office within a short time. 

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