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In terms of healthcare, telehealth is one of the fastest-growing services. Haven’t heard of it yet? Basically, it is a virtual meeting designed to provide more direct and faster healthcare consultation, in hopes of also stabilizing the high costs of healthcare. Though, health information is extremely valuable to hackers and so it is very important that everything is being done to protect data. Let’s look at four tips to have a secure telehealth meeting.

Use Strong Passwords

Much like anything else, we recommend always using strong passwords, especially when it comes to telehealth. We recommend using a password that has three words without any correlation to one another, along with using a variation of upper and lower case letters, some symbols, and numbers, and making sure your password is unique and strong. We also strongly recommend multi-factor authentication, if it is an available setting.

Use a Virtual Private Network

One easy way to make sure your meeting is secure is by using a VPN, specifically a reputable one that you pay for. This will create an encrypted pathway so your information stays anonymous and private. 

Make Sure You Protect Your Privacy

Conduct all of your meetings in private, much like they would be if you were going to a real office. Never conduct one of these meetings in a public place, because your information can be overheard by the wrong people. Healthcare should always be a private matter. 

Use Security Software

Another important way to protect yourself is to have security software installed. This software is specifically designed to help protect you and your information from threats. Even your smartphones and tablets can have security software installed, so everything you do is kept safe from outside threats. 

MyTek can help you find security software for any device, so give us a call today at 623-312-3440 to learn more about how to have a secure telehealth meeting.

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