RFID Technology Business Implementation

With the advances of the digital age, innovative gadgets have made both our professional and personal life easier. Of these, the Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is one of the newest technologies making a splash in businesses worldwide.

In radio-frequency identification (RFID) powered communication, radio waves transmit data from an RFID tag to an RFID reader. The reader then sends data to RFID computer software. The RFID tag has immense benefits that are being explored by businesses. 

How are Modern Businesses Using RFID?

RFID technology has multiple uses. RFID tags are used to track vehicles, merchandise, pets, and people with Alzheimer’s disease. Also referred to as RFID chips, these tags are known to be passive. They need to be powered to be easily identified.

These chips are small enough to be attached to the tiniest of the objects. For example, Budweiser Brazil installed a compact RFID into a “Buddy Cup”. Once you link the Buddy Cup to a user’s Facebook account through a QR code, the user could instantly “friend” anyone with a Buddy Cup. This process is achieved by “clinking the cups against each other as a toast”. 

There is another use of RFID technology being conducted at St Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. The hospital uses RFID tags to check patients as they return from x-rays, lab testing, and other processes. With their precise location visible on the nurse’s station, the quality of patient care is enhanced. 

These examples show the practical applications of RFID technology for businesses. 

What is your take on RFID technology? Do let us know you would like to use RFID to assist in your business operations! Contact us if you need help setting it up or if you would like a free evaluation if this technology is right for you.


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