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Business Technology: Considerations as You Resume Operations

While businesses are in the process of reopening after the pandemic, we now have time to improve our operations. We’ve come up with a few things you might want to upgrade while you have the time to! Here are some of our best reopening tips for small, medium and large businesses alike.

Updated Solutions

Cybercriminals are definitely taking advantage of our current situation, so you should prepare to deal with this issue moving forward. First of all, you need to make sure your business has up-to-date hardware and software solutions. If there are any updates available, you should use them and have everything ready to go for when you get back. This will make your solutions more secure and will improve your productivity as a whole.

Monitoring and Maintenance

After your team gets back into the office, they will need to be completely efficient to make up for the lost time. Because of this, you should be working with an IT resource who can monitor your solutions and resolve any issues that arise that might interrupt your staff again. Most issues can easily be mitigated remotely before your team is even aware that they occurred. 

Cloud-based Technology

Now is the perfect time to increase the cloud-based tools that your business is using. This can expand your business’ functionality, mobility and efficiency, along with much more.

Telework and Communication

If businesses need to shut their doors again, the right solutions can help prevent any interruptions of your business. Remote work is possible with the help of the right technology, paired with great communication tools. Thankfully, the cloud can cover these issues, like using Software-as-a-Service, Voice over Internet Protocol and other options.

Security and Authentication

Instead of doing more harm than good, we can make sure your telework and remote operations are safe and secure. You can encourage your team to use a VPN while working so that your data is secure, no matter where it is being accessed. Your team should also be required to use multi-factor authentication so that no one is getting to their data except them.

MyTek is here to help you, so give us a call today to talk about other reopening tips at 623-312-2440.

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