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Remote Work Security Protocols To Put In Place

If you’re worried about the security of your remote workplace, today’s article can help. While remote work is super convenient and can change the way your employees do their job, you must upkeep and put specific remote work security elements in place. 

Remote Work Changes

If your team is dispersed, so is your data and information, dispersed across different networks, systems and setups. Your employees now have more to do when it comes to security because they are not working within a secure office. This means that you should have remote work policies in place and training for your employees, so they know the ins and outs of what they are expected to do. 

Personal Device Use

While employers might not want to dish out the price of buying new devices for each of their employees, using personal devices might cause issues in itself. You will have no control over their operating systems, password practices, software installed and other facets. Using company-controlled infrastructures, while costing more, will make it easier for you to protect your data. At least, consider using cloud platforms where the data can still be controlled or limited. 


Instead of walking over to one another in the office, your employees will need to get the hang of using collaboration apps and platforms. Truthfully, many of these apps don’t focus on your security. Though, within many of these apps, you can limit specific conversations to only the users and groups that need to know. This will help you not over-expose data. 

With all of these new safety protocols, you’re going to put into place to keep your data safe, you will need to train your employees effectively. Need help? Give MyTek a call today to discuss remote work security options and training.

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