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Is Remote Work Eroding Your Company Culture?

Company culture is often a very important aspect of a company’s branding, but with remote work in use for so long, there has been a bit of worry about how working remotely will hurt a company’s sense of culture and work relationships. Instead of letting this happen, we have some advice as to how to uphold these values and communication while dealing with remote work culture.

To start this conversation, we have to look at what exactly makes a company culture so healthy in the first place. 

Company Culture is Key to Your Continued Productivity

Your employees need to be engaged with the goals your company has established, as well as work to attract additional talent to your business, which is where company culture comes into play. To do this, you’ll need a sense of interconnectivity, so these relationships are developed and visible by the whole team.

Remote work makes this type of connection a bit more difficult. A global survey found that 51 percent of respondents felt a loss of connection in their company’s culture after the COVID-19 pandemic led them to work remotely. Out of everything that had been changed, it was found that the most missed spending time with their coworkers.

On an average prospect’s list of considerations, company culture usually ranks very high. One study found that 57 percent of job seekers find it around the same importance as pay. 73 percent of people found that a company’s culture was almost synonymous with the company’s reputation.

iCIMS chief people officer Jewell Parkinson credits a company’s culture to these main priorities:

  • Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Retention

These priorities are very important to a business, but would obviously drop at least a little due to remote work. In order to boost them again, we’ve compiled some activities that might help.

Let’s go into a few such activities for your consideration:

See to Your Remote Workers’ Needs – It can be a lot harder to understand your worker’s needs since they aren’t there with you in person. This may mean that you’ll need to provide them with equipment or help them pay for increasing internet costs. They will also need you to be very clear on what their new expectations are, and how they have changed. This might include the flexibility of their new work schedule, their collaboration opportunities, what programs they may need to download onto their computers, and remote time-off and travel policies.

So, you must do what you can to provide this positive work environment so your employees are motivated and happy. When safe to do so, holding events for your remote employees can give them a chance to interact and have fun. 

Acknowledge Remote Work from the Beginning

Remote work doesn’t have to be a quick fix or a temporary bandage. Remote work can actually help your employees have a positive relationship with their work lives. If you’d like to incorporate remote work into your work environment permanently, you can introduce the concept during training.

Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Cost You Your Company Culture

MyTek can help with all of this and everything having to do with remote work culture. With us working on your remote systems from behind the scenes, you’ll have more time to focus on what truly matters most. Give us a call at 623-312-2444 today.

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