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Remote operations are going to continue for as long as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, and even then, may continue longer. Because of this, we thought we should go over some ways small business owners can do to keep their business safe as their employees and customers come back into the workplace with remote data security. 

Defend Your Staff

It doesn’t matter where your employees are working from, you need to protect your data and infrastructure at all times. Data security is so important for every business and it can’t hurt to remind your team of ways they can keep their business, information and themselves safe. Here are some practices your team should uphold, even if they are working at home:

Maintain password hygiene:

Password should always be complex and unique so it can’t be guessed by hackers. To do this:

  • You should never reuse passwords
  • You should update your passwords frequently
  • You should not share your passwords, ever
  • You should use a password manager

Only use secure connections:

Data can easily be stolen or interception while you are on an insecure connection, so make sure you are using tools like VPNs to protect the data you’re working with. Regardless of the network you’re using, a VPN can save data from insecure connections and create a reliable and secure one instead.

Push software updates:

Always patch and update your software so it is as secure as possible.

Use MFA:

Multi-factor authentication creates a multi-step solution to keep hackers out and away. 

Secure Your Business’ Physical Assets

Digital theft is way more common than you may realize and can be done so quickly by someone who has gained access to credentials in person. You should secure your business by:

You would be surprised how much digital theft is done by someone who gained access to credentials in person. To secure your place of business, you will want to:

Control access:

Your hardware should only be controlled and accessed by those who need to, and no one else. Set up controls so that authentication is required on all of your hardware.

Keep an eye on your business:

Using cameras and access logs, you can keep an eye on everything that happen in-person and digitally.

Insulate Your Data Storage Systems

If your data isn’t resilient, it can accidentally be damaged, deleted or manipulated. In order to prevent this, you can:

Track your data:

Keep track of where your data is, how it is being used and who is using it.

Restrict access to those who need it:

The fewer people who have your data, the better. Protect your data from anything accidental happening.

Maintain a data backup:

Secure your data an extra step by backing it up. Use the 3-2-1 rules, meaning you should have three copies of your data on two different types of media, one of which is offsite.

We know this might feel overwhelming. MyTek is here to help! Your data will be safer with us, so give us a call at 623-312-2440 to learn more about remote data security.

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